Autobahn BMW Fort Worth | LuckyVIN

Current LuckyVIN: 763 (October 21, 2019)

Winner receives TWO Jewel Charity Ball Raffle Tickets!

We’ve made Social even more fun! We’re continuing our LuckyVIN numbers for the month of October in each of our Instagram and Facebook posts, and to celebrate our partnership with Jewel Charity the prize will be TWO Jewel Charity Ball Raffle Tickets, giving you a chance to win your choice of a 2020 BMW Z4 or 2020 Volvo XC90! If you bought your new or pre-owned BMW from Autobahn BMW Fort Worth OR have it serviced here, and the last THREE numbers of your BMW’s VIN match (in the same order) the current LuckyVIN above be the first person to email us ( with confirmation and you win!

Each time a new LuckyVIN is posted, the previous number expires, becomes void and is no longer eligible to win.

Winner must have purchased the BMW from Autobahn BMW Fort Worth or have it serviced here. No more than ONE winner per VIN#. Contest for current VIN# ends when next post with new LuckyVIN is published on Instagram and Facebook. Winner must confirm VIN# with proof via Insurance Card or through verification within our internal sales/service records. VIN#’s chosen at random.